Thursday, May 1, 2008

A few words about.........

December must be a lucky month this year. We are so excited to say that we are expecting our 2nd child. I am 2 months along right now. I put up 12 pink and blue balloons with a sign that said 'Arriving Dec.12th' and left it, along with the two pregnancy tests in the dining room for Jonathan to find when he got home from work. This was a few weeks ago. We found out pretty early. He walked in the door, washed his hands, picked up Abran to play with him and hugged me before he even noticed the sign. He squinted his eyes to read it, THEN he noticed the balloons....pause....he then says "what?.....WHAT?" I told him to go look at the tests. He was very excited and happy and needless to say I was over the moon. do you not notice 12 balloons in your dining room in plain view right away? So funny.
I am so excited that Ben and Carli are pregnant again too. She is due 8 days before me. Mom and Dad will have their hands full with a couple of toddlers and 7 month olds when they get home.

So Abran and I have been so sick this past two weeks. I am exhausted everyday and have to nap when he does. Our head colds were complicated with allergies. He got breathing treatments and doc prescribed me an allergy pill.
One cool thing I found out about today, is this meebo deal to my right. Now friends and family will know if I am on my blog at the same time they are looking at it and can drop me a note. How fun. So please use it. You can just start signing in or anything.
I have planted my tulips and am waiting for weather to warm up so I can plant a few more in my bed and then I will post a pic so you can see how it looks this year. I am not a gardner, so I am proud of us for getting these flowers in.


Cindy said...

Amy! Congrats! That is so exciting. So they'll be not quite two years apart, right? And Ben and Carli, too! Yay!

The AZ McMillans said...

Congratulations!! What fabulous news. I hope you are feeling okay. Definitely sleep when Abran sleeps. That's the only way I have gotten through this pregnancy. Congrats, again!