Friday, August 29, 2008

So here we go again. I apologize for not posting anything in the last month. Every chance I've gotten I've been sleeping. This one has put me through the ringer that way. The fatigue and nausea have been insane. But we are so happy and so relieved. We went to our 2nd appointment this past Wednesday and Doc said everything looked fantastic. The fetus is growing fast, it has a strong heartbeat and all other indicators are pointing to good and healthy and fine. We were a bit surprised that it happened again and much sooner than we anticipated. However we are so grateful. I tell Abran I have a baby in my belly, not expecting him to understand, but he gets a funny look on his face and came over to lift up my shirt and then he rubbed my tummy. He still amazes me with what he seems to understand.
I will be doing some catch up as soon as I can get my pics uploaded to the computer. We've got pics from the 4th of July to share and here it is almost September.