Thursday, March 12, 2009

Once there was a Snow Man

Today was a great day... Jonathan came home early and he and Abran went outside to play. They built a cute little snow man. Abran and I built one yesterday but daddy's was so much better.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Painting...once again

Abran and Jonathan are having a bonding moment while painting the bathroom walls...again. We are in the process of selling our home and we have been getting it touched up and looking good for the gal buying the place. We were going to repaint the bathroom anyway so we thought we'd ask her what color she wanted it. Abran and Jonathan have many other common interests: tools and fixing things, playing Madden Football, watching football, shoveling, basically everything that they can do together. Abran is curious about how things work. He discovered the water pipes and disposal under the kitchen sink....and you'd think it was Christmas. Everyday he wants to explain to me how the pipes work.

We're back to blogging....

So its been a few months since I have written anything....obviously. Below are a few pics of Abran in the snow,eating snow,and what not. We have had a busy couple of months with Jonathan finishing up school this semester, putting our house up for sale, finding a new house to move into, baby on the way and all the rest of the little day to day things. Above is a picture of my Uncle Kevin and Aunt Laura with Abran. We were so excited when they surprised us with visit one Friday. Abran absolutely loves them.