Thursday, October 15, 2009

Brandt 6mos

He is a cuddly baby. Abran was mellow and cuddly too....and then he turned two.

Jonathan and Abran

Two of the 3 men in my life. I love this picture

I'm back

Its been a few months. Abran is 2 1/2 and Brandt is 6 mos now. I have been facebooking more often now and I've downloaded a few more pics there. The boys crack me up. Abran can get Brandt laughing like no one can. It gets better as Brandt grows stronger. Sometimes when I think abran might be being too rough, Brandt starts giggling and it grows to a belly chuckle. We are currently potty training...reluctantly yet with both feet in. I don't like it. But we put on happy faces and try to make it fun and we throw a party when there is a big breakthrough. He is actually doing pretty well.