Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Pics

Halloween was probably the most fun for me this year than ever in my life before. And all we did was go half way up our street and around the block and we didn't even hit every house. But Abran did fantastic...and tried to eat his candy as he went along. He sat in the stroller as we pushed him around. He'd get out and hold his own bucket...(wouldn't let me touch it)and try to knock. He even did pretty good at saying thank you. Jonathan and I just laughed as we took him around. On Friday we had some neighbor kids come down to play with Abran. Lucky for us, he was so happy to see them when he got up from his nap that he put his costume on without a fight. So I left him in it for the rest of the day. The older girls also raked my leaves into a big pile for the boys to play in and then gutted my pumpkins for me....Thank you Traicen and Atlanta! They really helped me out. We went out to dinner that night and then home to hand out candy. Trick or Treating felt brand new all over again for Jonathan and I as we experienced it through Abran's eyes. Kind of like anything we introduce him to. It is so much fun. We also put the pumpkins out and lit them up. Abran just sat there saying WHOA! WHOA! I am seriously craft challenged and he made me feel brilliant. He'd run out to the sidewalk and yell WHOA and then run up close and yell WHOA.

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