Sunday, September 14, 2008

Playing Catch up now

So I am playing a bit of catch up as far as photos go, mom and dad. I am so sorry its taken so long. These are pics from the 4th of July weekend. He held his first sparkler and got the hang of twirling it around. Only later did I hear that is the most dangerous thing you can hand your toddler. He did good though. Also the first ones are at the bird show. He had a blast watching the birds swoop 3 inches over our heads. We had the perfect seats, 3rd row up and center. The last 3 are my favorite. Abran and Lexi were sitting on the bench in front of our house eating popsicles. We had just come back from the park and they were a mess. I had my camera and then said Abran give Lexi a kiss! Well, the rest is history and I got some really cute pics.

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~PEARL~ said...

Holy crap you kid is so cute!!!! and a ladies man to boot.