Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Abran and Lexi

Lexi lives two doors down from us and she is one of Abran's favorite people. All we have to say is "Lexi, popsicles?" and he beelines for the door. He wanders down by himself and will pound his little fist on their front door and if they don't open it and their garage door is open, he'll go to the door in the garage and pound on it. If no one comes still, he'll go and pull out her little yellow and orange car to play in. They are always so excited to see eachother. Lexi is 2 and is showing him the ropes. They love to go to the park and swing and climb around. They LOVE to eat popsicles together. Its what we've been doing all summer to cool down. Otterpops have been the best b/c they're the least messy.

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