Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thanks Gma Brewer

We had such a fun time at Gma Brewer's house on Saturday the 5th. The Brewer kids all showed up for a pizza party. We got pizza and drank soda and had cookies and ice cream. The little ones loved it and she has all sorts of fun toys to play with. Abran ate pizza and stawberry flavored applesauce. We don't have stairs in our house so Abran thought that was a lot of fun and spent some good times on the stairs. He is still figuring out how to go down so you can't leave him for a second. Thanks Grandma for having us over and taking good care of us.


Kate said...

Amy Abran is soooo cute! His eyes are amazing! I can't believe how grown up your whole family is. They are all stuck in a time warp from about 15 years ago in my head. Love you!!!

Quast Family said...

found ya!! cute blog..... talk to ya soon!