Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year...

Well, Jonathan has started school tonight. He is starting his MBA through Western Governors University, which is all on line. He'll be really busy. He works about 50 hours a week and will be doing school about 20-25 hours on average. The perk is that its all on line and he can be at home, so he won't have to mess with cutting back hours at work, travel, or parking. Abran and I are going to do all we can to take care of this man!
We had a very pleasant New Year. We had dinner at our friends house and played a Wii for the first time. It was a little too much fun. We went home around 10:00. Abran had so much fun. He's just started to laugh, for no reason, as if something is so funny. If Jonathan and I laugh about something, he laughs as though he knows exactly what we're talking about. It really funny. Anyway, we put him to bed around 11:30 and watch Dick Clarks Rockin New Years Eve.
Abran also had a first tonight, Jan.2nd, he was standing next to the chair Mia was laying on, and jumped straight up in the air, both feet off the ground and landed on his bum. He got up and did it again, only landing on his feet. It was all of a 1/2 inch or so. But it was so funny looking. He maybe spent too much time in his jumper. He loved that thing.
We hope all is well with you and God bless you in this wonderful New Year.


The AZ McMillans said...

I'm glad your holidays were good! Best wishes for the new year!

Lois said...

I loved the pictues and the cute story about him jumping and landing on his littlwe bum...I don't get into these blogs all the time but please don't ever stop sending them ...they are priceless.
xox Grandma Brewer